Nova Sport

Market Scenario for Sports lenses

Nowadays sports have become a trend, they are enjoyed by a large group of population both young and old.
To thirds of the population participate in sports activities of which at least 60% of them require vision correction.
Excellent cosmetics without compromising the optics is required

There are two types of spectacle varieties for sports activities available in the market
Sports eyewear for lenses with a normal curved front surface. Sports eyewear for lenses with a highly curved front surface.

Optical Optimization

Sports lens designed for optical optimization like :

  • Quality Control.
  • Refractive power.
  • Prism Power.


Role of FFA for visual optimisation

Sport lens has a higher degree of FFA because of high curvature compared to normal spectacle.


Aberrations due to FFA in sport lenses

Prismatic side effects, oblique astigmatism & refraction errors occur as a result of this tilt angle.

Sport lenses are highly recommended for
Cricket Golf
Driving Cycling
Motor Cycling Sailing Skiing

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