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Wide variety of Materials

We understand how different is our customer’s requirements.

Special Requirements, Special Lenses

The new genration of self tinting lenses like polorised, Transitions Photochromic and Drivewear.
These lenses adapt in a matter of seconds at any given light intensity. Visual comfort is ensured at all times whether it is indoor or outdoors.

Wide Choice of Tints


Corr Optical offers a full range of Tints. No matter whether you prefer filters, solid, graduated, bicolor tints- with us you’ll definitely find the right tint.

tint_Wide-Choice-of-TintsGuide to select tints

1. Ambera brownish-red tint that enhances contrast, enabling a wearer to make out shapes more clearly because it blocks out the color spectrum’s blue, or “hazy,” end. Amber and orange tints provide a brighter view on cloudy, hazy, or foggy days. This tint is ideal for driving.

2. Browna brown tint which enhances the light quality of a wearer’s surroundings, while giving the wearer added depth perception in low light conditions.

3. Gray or Greena green-hued lens which offers the least amount of color distortion. These are ideal for all purpose use and clear days.

4. Rosea red-colored tint that provides the best lowlight image resolution and enhances contrast, enabling a wearer to see objects and shapes clearly because it blocks out the color spectrum’s blue, or “hazy,” end. These are optimal for driving.

5. Yellowa lens optimal for overcast weather, as it increases visibility and depth perception.

Advantages of Flash Mirror


tint_Advantages-of-Flash-MirrorLIGHT REDUCTION – Mirror coating on sunglasses decreases the amount of light passing through the tinted lenses and into your eyes. Your eyes will likely feel more comfortable and have less strain than if you were wearing tinted lenses without the flash coating.

GLARE REDUCTION – Another benefit of mirror sunglasses is that they reduce glare while retaining contrast, unlike polarised (regular) lenses. This is advantageous for activities in bright sunlight, such as driving, and for snow, ice and water sports.

UV LIGHT PROTECTION – Mirror lenses are available with up to 100 percent ultraviolet (UV) light protection.

UV-LIGHT-PROTECTIONNO EYE CONTACT – Mirror sunglasses prevent other people from seeing your eyes, which can be an advantage if you aren’t happy with your eye appearance on any given day. You might, for example, have red and puffy eyes from hay fever or a cold. Additionally, preventing eye contact is a psychological effect some people may enjoy.

Mirror sunglasses have a reflective optical coating, also called a flash coating, on the outside surface of the tinted lenses. Classic aviator sunglasses are perhaps the most easily recognized style of mirrored sunglasses, but many other styles are available as well. Mirror sunglasses provide certain benefits for both your health and appearance that regular sunglasses don’t.


Plastic lenses are extremely lightweight and are therefore highly recommended. But, unfortunately, plastic lenses are a bit softer and therefore more susceptible to scratches than mineral lenses. Therefore we recommend plastic lens materials with our hard coat so as to fully protect the lenses against scratches.


You get the benefit of our latest set of coatings:
Hard Coat
  • Scratch Resistance
Hard Multi Coating
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Anti Reflecting Coating
Satin Plus
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Anti Reflecting Coating
  • Anti Static
  • Super Hydrophobic
  • Water/Oil Repellent


Uncoated lens Hard Coated lens

However, lenses that are treated front and back with a clear, scratch-resistant coating have a much harder surface that is more resistant to scratching, whether from dropping your glasses on the floor or occasionally cleaning them with a paper towel.

Kids’ lenses, especially, benefit from a scratch-resistant hard coat for greater durability.

Hard Multi Coating – HMC

hard_multi_coatingHMC- Hard Multi-Coating prevents reflections to ensure bright, clear vision.

This is multi layered combination of multiple coating given principally to the plastic lenses. This coating comprises antireflection coating, the scratch resistant coating , the top hydrophobic coat (which prevents water getting smudged on the surface of the lens) and zirconium oxide coating to increase the toughness of the lens. This not only enhances the optical performance of the lens but also the life of the lens.


Satin Plus
  • Makes the lenses easier to clean
  • Allows the lenses to stay clean for longer
  • Reflects bad glare
  • Prevents smudges
  • Provides the best scratch resistant coating



   AR Efficiency
   ZS Formulation
   Relief from annoying reflections
   Smudge Resistance
   RSD Guard
   Easy to wipe off smudges
   Scratch Resistance
   Tough Coat
   Longevity of the lens, Visual Comfort
   LQ Technology
   Water marks are not formed on lenses
   Dust Repellence
   RSD Guard
   Almost dust free lenses

Smudge Resistence

ordinary_lens satin_lens


Ordinary Lens                           Satin Plus


ordinary_lens1          satin_lens1

Ordinary Lens                                                           Satin Plus

Dust Repellent

ordinary_lens2 satin_lens2

Ordinary Lens                      Satin Plus